Honouring the Celebration of Menopause

Life begins with the union of the divine spirit and the infinitesimal physical. This union evolves as the Soul Being becomes whole, with astral, physical and mental bodies merging and combining to create the most fascinating creature to walk on this planet.

The birth of this Life Being is celebrated and rejoiced, and as this Being transitions through birthdays, achievements, milestones, puberty, adolescence and adulthood, celebrations of Life are many and varied. First job, first car, first well-paying job, first decent boyfriend, engagement, wedding, pregnancy, motherhood and so on.

These life celebrations are symbolic of the transitions of Life: the end of one cycle and transition into another—infancy into childhood, childhood into puberty and puberty into adulthood. But the celebrations in Western society tend to end when this Life Being reaches middle age, when The Change of Life begins when the first signs of the Wise Woman start to appear and she is branded as “menopausal”.

As the celebrations end, the silence and darkness begin. This Life Being is alone, empty and left feeling wronged, broken and without direction.

The previous celebrations of growth and succulence are left behind as this transition is viewed as a disease, a loss, a withering.

To view this time of transition through the eyes of Western medicine is to view The Change of Life as a disorder of the hormones which need to be corrected to alleviate symptoms.

Instead, if we honour this growth cycle, and respect and appreciate the wisdom and healing of Mother Nature, of the invisible Spiritual Being within, we can re-capture this essence, this vitality and vigour and ride her through the transition into the Wise Woman years.

Leonie Satori

Herbalist and Naturopath Leonie is the Natural Menopause Mentor and creator of the Sundala Signature range of products. With a passion for women’s health, menopause and a down-to-earth approach, Leonie guides her clients through health challenges, to help them reach optimum vitality.

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