I remember years ago when I first started working as a Naturopath,


All fresh-faced and eager to please.


I would often come across clients who were transitioning through menopause.


I’d had some training on hormones, and women’s health and had some pretty sound knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition and natural health. So I did a fair job of helping these women with their health challenges.


As time went on, and I became more experienced as a practitioner, I realised that my knowledge of women’s health and menopause was quite limited.


I was still helping women with their health, but I knew something was missing.


As the clock clicked over into my 40s, I realised that I would be heading into perimenopause myself, and saw it as a time to brush up on my skills as a practitioner.


I dove head-on into researching natural menopause as my new ‘hobby’.


I had a pretty shaky start though, I found it difficult to find any real and positive information on this transformative time for women.


But as I gained momentum,


And began to find more and more medical and historical information on menopause,


I realised that not only was I misinformed and undereducated when it came to (peri)menopause,


But so too were most of my clients.


As my knowledge accumulated, I felt this overwhelming dread that I knew so little about a subject that I felt women, as a whole, should know more about.


If you have ever come across the Dunning-Kruger Effect, you will understand that I had reached the valley of despair.


The more I learned about menopause, the less I knew.


It was harrowing. 


And in all honesty, I thought: who am I to claim that I can help women with their health?


But I couldn’t envisage any better use of my time and skills as a practitioner.


Actually, I became a little obsessed with researching and learning more about natural menopause.


And that’s when I realised, I was never going to know and understand everything about menopause.


It’s a natural process and it is so variable and unpredictable for women.


You can’t control it.

If you’ve ever tried to tame unruly hair or prune a plant into submission, 


You will know that you can’t control nature, you have to work WITH it.


And with that realisation, I was able to see that my passion and (unfinished) learning were more than enough to help women embrace their menopausal transition,


And working WITH nature and not against it was the best strategy for gliding through menopause with grace and dignity.

As you would have already realised (because you’re here) that I set up Natural Menopause Mentor as a hub for education and learning for women in midlife.


And after working with so many women through the years, supporting their journey and watching them flourish and grow.

I started working on my Menopause Mastery Program.


I wanted to create a program for women that would enable them to fully master their menopause transition.


In this six-month Menopause Mastery Program, I’ve included monthly one-on-one sessions in my clinic to provide you with individualised treatment.


To fast-track your results and amplify your progress, I’ve also included in-depth hormone and health testing, with full technical analysis.


As well as a six-month supply of personalised herbal and nutritional supplements – so you won’t need to shell out for additional supplements while you’re on the program – it’s all-inclusive.


We’ll work on your goal-setting and provide specific dietary guidelines and work on what you really need to focus on.


This means, the program is designed and created for you – not just some cookie-cutter program.


The Menopause Mastery Program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and information, specific to you, to master your menopause transition.


To have a better understanding of what is happening for you, and what you need to do to support your future health.


In addition to this one-on-one support, you’ll have exclusive access to our Savvy Women’s Natural Menopause Course, which is NOT available anywhere else.


This course will guide you through all of the aspects of natural menopause mastery to kit you up with the knowledge and inspiration to take control of your health.


Of course, there’ll be some other goodies and treasures that I’ll pop in for free, maybe some recipes, I’ll let you know later on down the track.


But this Menopause Mastery Program is the crème de la crème of menopause courses.


Now if you’re looking for some quick-fix program where you don’t have to lift a finger, then you’re in the wrong place.


This program is only for women who are committed to working with me on their health.


So if you think this program is just what you need,


And you’re ready to take the reigns of your health,


And power through your menopausal transition naturally


I’m so glad you’re here.





But there’s just one thing …


The program isn’t ready yet.


IKR, after you read all that!


The Menopause Mastery Program will be available soon, and if you want to be the first to know when it is available, there’s a spot below where you can add your details and click on the “Let me know” button.


I’ll add you to our mailing list and you will certainly be the first to know when our program is available for you to sign up for.


Chat soon.


X Leonie

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