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I’m Leonie, founder of Natural Menopause Mentor.

I’m constantly reviewing and updating information based on new research, clinical outcomes and of course – what women want.

And I’d love your input.

I’m looking for women interested in learning more about perimenopause and menopause who would be willing to have a 20-minute Menopause Research Interview with me on the phone.

Ultimately, I want my programs and courses to provide you with the information, inspiration and power to glide through your menopausal transition with the grace and dignity you deserve.

And delivering programs and courses with the stuff YOU want to learn about is important.

If you have 20 minutes available to help with my research, I would love your input.

There’s a big orange button below that says “Book my Menopause Research Interview”.

Click on that button, and …

You’ll go straight to my booking calendar, where you can select a time to connect and chat.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

X Leonie

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