Do you ever wake up and think: 

  • what am I doing with my life? or
  • I don’t feel like I know myself anymore.

Likely, you’ve hit midlife and you’re questioning what is going on in your body and wondering what life has in mind for you for the next few decades…

(Or maybe it was the mushrooms you ate last night? Ok, probably not.)

For women, midlife can be one of the most empowering times.

But I think the media has led us to believe that it should be otherwise.

The big thing here is that for some of us, we’ve lost the real connection that we had with ourselves many years ago,


And we’re floating in a sea of uncertainty about what is happening with these ever-changing bodies and what our future holds.


Not only that, but we feel disconnected from ourselves,


Part of who we are is scrambled and lost in the haze of perimenopause.


But how do you reconnect with the parts that you feel you’ve lost?


And what about this new woman that you’re becoming?

Well, your answer to both of these questions lies in the wisdom of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a tool that can be used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself.


And the knowledge to take better care of your present and future health.


Many of the ancient principles of Ayurveda can be adapted to our modern lives.


Which is why our Modern Ayurveda for Menopause Course is the ideal way to:


  • Reconnect with who you are as a woman, today,
  • Feel comfortable with the changes in your body, and
  • Know how and what you need to do to care for your health, today and in the future.

And at this time when your body is changing with perimenopause, Ayurveda is one of the most practical ways to get more focused on caring for your health.


Now if you’re looking for an Ayurveda course that follows the strict practices of panchakarma or suggests only eating kitchari, then you’re in the wrong place. 


In fact, if you know nothing about either of these things, you can rest assured you won’t need them in this Modern Ayurveda for Menopause Course.


In fact, I’ve streamlined the learning in this course so that it’s practical, usable and adaptable to modern women transitioning through menopause.


It’s down-to-earth advice and valuable tools that you can use to ground your energy and focus on what is most important to you.


Now if our Modern Ayurveda for Menopause Course resonates for you, then I’m glad you’re here.





But there’s just one thing though….


The course isn’t available yet!


Oops, sorry.


But what you can do is add your details to our notifications list and I’ll let you know when it is available.


There’s a spot below where you can add your name and email address and as soon as our Modern Ayurveda for Menopause Course is available I’ll let you know.’


X Leonie


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