Rose Water Spray 100mL


Refreshing and uplifting, Sundala Rose Water Spray is ideal for cooling hot flushes and calming your mind. The perfect travel companion for the menopausal woman.

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The closest thing to using rose petals on your face, Sundala Rose Water Spray cools and soothes the hot and the irritated.

If you’re experiencing hot flushes or irritability, Sundala Rose Water Spray is the remedy for you. Rosewater has been used for centuries, and it is said that Cleopatra used it to hydrate and tone her skin. The gently astringent qualities of rose water are said to help with skin redness and irritation, it’s also great used as a clarifying toner after cleansing.

Great for even the most sensitive skin, Sundala Rose Water Spray is the menopausal woman’s elegant way to cool herself down when she is feeling flushed.

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Rosa damascena hydrosol.


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