Coming soon - Natural Menopause Courses

Learn about natural medicine, nutrition, herbs and well being for natural menopause with our online courses.

Natural Menopause Mentor Benefits

Imagine: greater peace and harmony, less discomfort and more understanding of your natural transition through menopause.

Inspired Health

Learn better ways to manage symptoms and get more out of life.

Renewed Energy

Regain your energy and vitality through simple, natural lifestyle tips.

Greater Control

Rediscover your essence, enjoy your life and believe in a better future.

One-on-one Sessions

See faster results with personalised support for your wellbeing.

Discover the Wise Woman within You

Learn about natural menopause with our online courses.


It's time to live a better, healthier life.

After many years of guiding women through menopause, I've developed online courses to share what I have learned and to help change your life.

  • Develop a deeper self-awareness
  • Feel more energy and vitality
  • Re-connect with your Wise Woman
  • Live your best, happiest life, healthiest life
  • Learn more about yourself and your inner wisdom
Not sure where to start?

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Where to from here?

My mission is to inspire and empower women to encourage natural health and healing for the transition through menopause. You can start with our self-learning courses or jump straight in to one-on-one health advice.

Self-paced learning

Designed to encourage inspired learning and good health through menopause. Our online courses are practical, insightful and inspiring.

Dive deeply into a new way of viewing your transition into your Wise Woman years.

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Self-paced learning

One-on-one mentoring

A great way to gain greater insight into ways to support your health and wellbeing as you transition through menopause.

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One-on-one mentoring

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Menopause: From a Fresh Perspective


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